eMaestro and V-PAY,
online payment with your debit card.

eMaestro / V-Pay eMaestro / V-Pay

Let CardGate advise you about eMaestro and V PAY, the best-known debit card services in Europe. eMaestro is owned by MasterCard, while V PAY belongs to VISA. These cards are especially popular in Great Britain, Spain, Austria and Belgium. Payments are 100% guaranteed.   

You can use eMaestro and V-PAY for online payment with your debit card in the same manner as with a credit card. eMaestro and V-PAY are the first steps towards a European standard for online payment. In time every European will be able to use the own debit card for online payment both in the own country and any other European country.

How does eMaestro and V-PAY work?

The consumer places an order on a webshop and chooses to pay with eMaestro or V-PAY. The card number and due dates must then be entered in the payment screen. A digipass or random-reader then generates a transaction code, which must also be entered. The consumer can then confirm payment. If sufficient balance is available, the amount due is deducted from the bank account. The webshop is then informed that the order has been paid.

Who can pay with Maestro and V-PAY?

While payment with eMaestro and V-PAY is at present only available to consumers in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Turkey and Belgium, this payment method is becoming ever more popular could well become the most used online payment method in Europe.

How can install eMaestro and V-PAY on my webshop?

It’s really simple with the webshop checkout of CardGate! Just view the available plug-ins and you will see the that the logos of eMaestro and V-PAY are available to you.

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