Giropay, the most used online payment method
in Germany


Let CardGate advise you about Giropay, the most used online payment method in Germany. With many German banks supporting Giropay, 85% of all German consumers can pay with Giropay. Payments with Giropay cannot be unilaterally reversed.

Giropay was founded by the German Postbank and the German companies Star Finanz, Fiductia IT and GAD. Giropay is based on the German Internet banking system and was specially developed for online payment. Giropay is very similar to the Dutch iDEAL.

How does Giropay work?

The consumer places an order on a webshop and chooses to pay with Giropay. After selecting the own bank, the consumer is redirected to the Internet banking environment of the own bank, where the payment order has been prepared. The consumer authorizes payment the same manner as with Internet banking. The amount is deducted from the consumer’s current account and the consumer and webshop are informed that the order has been paid

Who can pay with Giropay?

All German consumers who have Internet banking with one of the many German banks or Sparkassen that support Giropay can use Giropay.

How can I install Giropay on my webshop?

It’s really simple with the webshop checkout of CardGate! Just view the available plug-ins and you will see that the logo of Giropay is available to you.

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