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Changelog WP e-Commerce plug-in

1.0.6 [2016.07.28] Fix: Code for testmode
1.0.5 [2014.08.21] Added payment methods: Direct Debit and Bank transfer
1.0.4 [2013.12.05] Added payment method: Giropay
1.0.3 [2013.11.14] Bank options are now dynamically retrieved
1.0.2 iDEAL banking options added
1.0.1 Initial release

Manual WP e-Commerce plug-in

Perform update

  1. Go to your WordPress admin section and uninstall and delete the CardGate plug-in.
  2. Install the new plug-in like a first installation.
  3. Go to Settings, CardGate.
  4. Save the CardGate settings so that the payment methods will be copied to the WP e-Commerce module.

First installation guide

  1. This plug-in assumes that the WP e-Commerce plug-in has already been installed on your WordPress site.
  2. Go to your WordPress admin section and select Add New, Plug-ins and click on Upload.
  3. Upload and install the file.
  4. Now go to Settings, CardGate.
  5. Enter the Site ID and the Hash Key, which you can find at Sites on My CardGate.
  6. Select the default language for the gateway.
  7. After you have saved the CardGate settings, go to your WordPress admin and select:
    Settings, Store, Payments.
  8. Now you see the CardGate payment methods.
  9. Select the payment method you wish to activate.
    Select the specific payment module and set the payment name.
    Click on the Update button to save the settings.
  10. Now go to My CardGate, choose Sites and select the appropriate site.
  11. Go to Connection to the website and enter the Callback URL, for example:
    (Replace with the URL of your webshop)
  12. When you are finished testing go to your WordPress admin and select Settings, CardGate.
    Switch from Test Mode to Live Mode, and save it (Save).
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