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As a partner there are many benefits for you and your clients

As a developer of webshops the wishes of your clients are paramount and you are fully focused to develop webshops that keep your clients 100% happy. A well-functioning and secure webshop checkout is therefor indispensable. That is exactly what we want to provide together with you for your clients. Together we make sure that your clients receive excellent pricing and the best possible support. And of course, a perfectly working webshop checkout.

What can you expect as a partner
We are always there for you

As a partner you can always count on us, 24 hours a day, and you will also get a dedicated account manager to your disposal. Someone with whom you can discuss everything and who will keep you up to date of all (new) developments. That way we can work together closely and offer the best possible service to your clients. You will also receive a kickback for all the transactions that your customers realize on their webshops which we payout every month. There are no costs associated with participation in the reseller program.

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    Through CardGateBy me

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