Carte Bancaire and Carte Bleue,
a must have for payments from France.

Carte Bancaire Carte Bancaire

Let CardGate advise you about Carte Bancaire and Carte Bleue, the debit and credit cards that are used mainly within France. If French consumers form part of your webshop market, then you can’t afford to to omit this payment method from your payment options.

Carte Bancaire was founded in 1984, while Carte Bleue dates from 1967 and is currently part of Carte Bancaire. These are the best-known and most used debit and credit cards in France. Over 33 million of these cards are in circulation in France.

How do Carte Bancaire and Carte Bleue work?

The consumer places an order on a webshop and chooses to pay with Carte Bancaire or Carte Bleue. The consumer is then asked to enter the card details. A PIN or other code is also requested for security reasons. By entering the details and code, the consumer authorizes the payment. The webshop is then informed that the order has been paid.

Who can pay with Carte Bancaire or Carte Bleue?

CardGate supports payments by all debit and credit cards of Carte Bancaire or Carte Bleue rather than, like many other providers, only Carte Bleue VISA credit cards, for example. With CardGate over 33 million French cardholders can make a purchase from your webshop.

How can I install Carte Bancaire and Carte Bleue on my webshop?

It’s really simple with the webshop checkout of CardGate! Just view the available plug-ins and you will see the that the logos of Carte Bancaire and Carte Bleue are available to you.

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