SprayPay: easy payment in installments


Let CardGate advise you about SprayPay. With SprayPay, you let your customers pay for purchases from €250 to €10,000 in instalments. This is possible in instalments of 12, 18, 24, or 36 months, with the option of early repayment free of charge. 48 or 60-month instalments are also available on request.

How does SprayPay work?
When your customer decides to pay with SprayPay, an online assessment takes place. The customer only has to answer a few questions, after which he will be told whether he is eligible for payment in installments within seconds.

The benefits of SprayPay

  • New target audience: customers who do not have the means to pay for a product in one go, are given the opportunity to purchase the product with SprayPay
  • 24/7 online acceptance process: within seconds your customer knows whether he can pay with SprayPay
  • Guaranteed payment: regardless of whether or not your customer meets his payment obligations; you will receive the full purchase amount after 30 days

Who can use SprayPay?
Dutch consumers aged 23 to 75 who are in possession of a Dutch bank account.

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