Stay informed in real time with the CardGate app

In the past year, a lot of work has been done behind the scenes on the new CardGate app. We started making an innovative design in which we have translated the complexity of the data into a user-friendly and logical user interface. Development has been done with efficiency and speed in mind, ensuring that all information about all financial transactions in your webshop is available in real-time.

The functionality of the CardGate app can be divided into four main sections: Today, Transactions, Financial and Service. Below is a short description of what each section entails.


Here you will find a clear and aggregated overview of all transactions. This overview can be requested per day, week, month or year with all historical transaction data fully available.
Tapping on the various totals automatically shows the underlying transactions which are provided with clear graphs and a division into logical subtotals.


All transactions with their current status, including all transaction details, in real-time. If customer data is sent to our gateway, you will also have the option to send a message or call a customer directly from the app. The contents of the shopping cart (if supplied) are also available here. Refunds (in whole or in part) to a customer are very simple to perform here as well.


All settlements that have taken place and information about the next out payment at a glance!
You can also view, download and forward (share) all relevant statements to other people in your organisation.


Automatically receive a message about successful, unconfirmed or unsuccessful payments as well as when new statements are available? You can easily configure everything in this section.
Options for securing your login to the app using Face ID of Touch ID are found here as well.
If you have multiple accounts, this is also the place where you can switch between them.

Both for iPhone and iPad

The CardGate app is optimised for use on iPhone and iPad. Both the portrait and landscape use of your device are supported. Logging into the CardGate app is very easy. You can use the same login credentials as you use to log in to My CardGate.

For more information about the app and an explanation of how to install the app via the App Store, please refer to the App page on our website.

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