3D Secure (3DS) prevents fraud with credit card payments

3D Secure (3DS) is a protocol that adds extra security to online credit card and debit card payments. It ensures that a form of online identification is added to the authorization of a financial transaction with a credit card. This extra security is based on a 3 domain model of which the name 3D Secure is derived.

How does 3D Secure work in practice?

At CardGate, 3D Secure is activated by default for credit card payments in your webshop. This means that before a transaction is started, the credit card will be checked for support of the 3D Secure protocol. If so, an additional online identification will take place. This means that the customer must enter an extra code or password to confirm the credit card payment. This code is also called a 3D Secure code.

Different names for 3D Secure code

A 3D Secure code is known under different names. Each credit card company uses its own specific 3D Secure implementation and has therefore given it its own name. Please see the best-known names below:

Credit cardName 3D Secure code
Visa Verified by Visa
MasterCard MasterCard SecureCode
JBC InternationalJ/Secure
American Express American Express SafeKey

What are the advantages of 3D Secure

Using 3D Secure, the chance that fraud is committed by improper use of a (stolen) credit card is virtually zero. In addition, as a merchant, you stand a lot stronger when a customer claims that a payment has been made without his or her consent (unfortunately this happens sometimes).

Disabling 3D Secure (non-3DS)

In Europe, almost all issued credit cards support 3D Secure. However, if you also provide products or services outside Europe in your webshop, it may be desirable in certain situations to also accept credit card payments without 3D Secure. This is called non-3DS. In consultation with CardGate, your account can be configured to allow non-3DS credit card payments in your webshop. In some situations, it could, after all, adversely affect the conversion of your webshop if you do not accept non-3DS cards. Keep in mind however that larger risks are associated with this configuration.

Advice on whether or not to allow non-3DS

Depending on the type of products and services as well as your target group and the scope of your webshop, CardGate will gladly advise you on whether or not to allow non-3DS credit card payments.

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