SOFORT Banking
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SOFORT Banking

Let CardGate advise you about SOFORT Banking, an international payment method that enables direct bank payment. SOFORT Banking is available in many countries, including Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

SOFORT Banking has been available as an online payment method since 2006. Initially only available in Germany and other German-speaking countries, SOFORT Banking is now operational in many European countries.
How does online payment with SOFORT Banking work?

The consumer places an order on a webshop and chooses to pay with SOFORT Banking. After selecting the own country and bank, the consumer enters the secure payment environment of SOFORT Banking, where the payment order is prepared. The consumer then enters the familiar Internet banking particulars. These particulars are transferred in coded format and as soon as the confirmation code of the bank pass reader/calculator of the bank has been entered, the amount due is debited from the consumer’s current account. Finally, the consumer and the webshop are informed that the order has been paid. Please note that payments with SOFORT are not guaranteed.

Who can pay with SOFORT Banking?

All consumers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands who have Internet banking can pay online with SOFORT Banking. Up to now, over 18 million people have used SOFORT Banking at least once.

How can I install SOFORT Banking on my webshop?

It’s really simple with the webshop checkout of CardGate! Just view the available plug-ins and you will see that the logo of SOFORT Banking is available to you.

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