Download the logo of PayPal

The logo of PayPal can be downloaded here as a PNG file. To ensure the highest possible image quality of the logos on your webshop we only made high-resolution logos available to you.

If you want to apply smaller logos, you can reduce the high-resolution logos to the desired size. This prevents loss of color or sharpness.

Size1600 x 456
Tip 1: Be aware of high-resolution displays

The screen of smartphones and/or tablets has very high resolution. The resolution of the new generation of those screens is getting higher . To make sure that logos remain tight and bright , regardless of the screen of your customers, we recommend that you always use high - resolution logos.

Tip 2: Use the logo also on your home- or information page

The logos of payment methods are very recognizable. That will directly increase the confidence of customers who first visit your shop. Therefore we recommend that you put the logos not only on the payment page of your shop , but also show them on the homepage . You can do this very subtle or very prominent, but always worth the consideration.

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