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All payment methods
  • Safe and easy for your customers
  • Also international payments
Payment methods
Simple installation
  • Plug-ins for every webshop system
  • API for customization
Competitive fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Rates that suit you

A checkout for my webshop, what’s that?

You have a webshop. And you want to offer your customers a safe and simple means of payment.

For that, you can offer various payment methods. A number of things determine which payment methods are most suitable for your webshop: who are your customers, where do they come from and which products and services do you offer on your webshop. Do you want to know which payment methods are best for your webshop?

Do the payment method check

Do you already know what you want and need? Then you can get started here right away. Would you rather first receive customized advice? Let us know and we will contact you.

So you need a webshop checkout

One designed for quick and simple use. Then CardGate is the webshop checkout for you. CardGate offers all popular payment methods, helps you determine what is smart for your webshop, enables incredibly easy installation of the payment methods of your choice, and then arranges and registers all payments on your webshop.

Simple installation
What do you expect of a webshop checkout?

That you don’t pay too much. At CardGate you only pay for the successful transactions. And: the more payments on your webshop, the lower the costs per transaction. CardGate offers guaranteed low fees, without hidden costs.

That you always receive your turnover safely and on time. CardGate has payments carried out by a professional party: CURO Payments, which is a licensed Payment Service Provider, supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank. Greater assurance and security is not available.

24/7 access to My CardGate. Immediately after registering with CardGate, you will gain access to My CardGate. This gives you immediate insight into your status. What’s more, you can use My CardGate to handle various matters safely and efficiently.

What are the fees?
My CardGate: realtime transaction and turnover insight
Get access to My CardGate immediately after registration

My CardGate gives you immediate insight into your status. What’s more, you can use My CardGate for communication with us and to settle various matters, safely, quickly and efficiently.

My CardGate offers, among other things 
  • 24/7 up-to-date information on your turnover
  • extensive statistics
  • a secure messaging system
  • single click refunds
  • have your customers pay by email (send payment link)
  • export details for your financial administration
  • authorize others to access My CardGate
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